Devil Fruit powers of Monkey D. DragonDevil Fruit powers of Monkey D. Dragon

Monkey D. Dragon, the most wanted man in the world, is the father of Yonko Monkey D. Luffy, son of Monkey D. Garp – a Marine vice admiral and the supreme leader of the revolutionary army. Dragon became the most mysterious character in the world because of his ability to escape and hide, no one could locate him. There is a rumor that when Dragon is anywhere, there will be storms and storms that make the navy wobble. This has led to a theory that he possesses the ability of a devil fruit. So what is that devil fruit? How powerful is it? Let’s explore together the Devil Fruit powers of Monkey D. Dragon.

Dragon Fruit - Devil Fruit powers of Monkey D. Dragon
Devil Fruit powers of Monkey D. Dragon


Dragon Fruit

1. Dragon’s connection to the weather

In chapter 100, there was a huge storm in Loguetown. But coincidentally accompanying this storm was the first appearance of Monkey D. Dragon. He stopped Smoker and helped Luffy escape thanks to a strong wind. The wind was strong enough to blow away the nearby marines, but as for Dragon, he was not carried away.

Dragon Save Luffy In Loguetown - the beginning hint of Dragon Fruit
Dragon Save Luffy

More specifically, as soon as the wind blew, he shouted out the phrase “The storm arose”. This made me doubt the power of the revolutionary army. Does he have any Devil Fruits?

Up until now, only devil fruits have given humans supernatural powers. Normal humans can only develop two types of power: Haki and Six Consciousness. However, based on a lot of information up to the present time, these two types of abilities do not allow the user to change or control the weather, as well as use supernatural abilities to attack others unless there are 2 streams. Conqueror Haki collides like Shanks with White Beard, or Big Mom with Kaidou.

Going back to the Loguetown event, for Dragon, it is not clear if he has Conqueror Haki, if so, he must collide with an equivalent person to create an equivalent wind force. self like that. As for Smoker, he certainly doesn’t have Conqueror Haki. From that, it can be concluded that it is impossible for Dragon to collide with Smoker to create wind force.

Even in the anime, when Dragon finished his sentence, the rain immediately stopped, replaced by a green wind blowing down from the sky causing everyone to be blown away, and Loguetown was devastated for someplace. When the wind stopped, it started to rain again. From there, it can be seen that this is an unnatural wind, so openly interfering with the natural weather, only Logia fruit users can do.

The Green Wind - Power Of Dragon Fruit
The Green Wind

Another proof is in Luffy’s flashback in chapter 587 when the nobles in the kingdom of Goa burned the gray polar region, Dragon appeared but instead of rain like in chapter 100, in exchange for strong winds. rise, so that wherever the revolutionary army’s ships went, they were blown away by the wind. Therefore, it is likely that the power that Dragon possesses is related to the Logia Devil Fruit, especially the wind system

2. Characteristics of the wind-type Devil Fruit

As we all know, most Logia Devil Fruit users have the ability to manipulate elemental types. Like Ace with the Mera Mera fruit that unleashes fire attacks, or Akainu with the Magu Magu fruit that uses the power of lava. So with Dragon being no exception,

Ace With Mera Mera No Mi

He also had some manifestations of reaction to the element of wind. In chapter 593, when at the revolutionary army base of Baltigo, even though he did nothing, it was still windy here, the wind didn’t stop, didn’t stop even a little bit. Even in chapter 539, according to Ivankov, Dragon always has a habit of staring in the direction of the wind. So basically, it can be said that the Dragon is associated with the wind.

In most of his appearances in the nearly 1000 chapters, the wind blows nonstop. This also coincides with the Logia Devil Fruit powers of many other characters. For example, Ace, when he just arrived on Drum Island, it became unusually warm and the weather changed, the snow stopped falling after many years. Or the battle at Punk Hazard between Akainu and Aokiji, which caused the island to completely transform into hot and cold halves.

From here it can be explained, the phenomenon when Dragon first appeared in episode 52 of the Anime, the amount of wind blowing from the sky extinguished the rain caused by his attack to save Luffy from Smoker’s pursuit.

As for the fact that heavy rains or storms appear in chapter 100, it can also be explained by Dragon’s ability to manipulate the wind. Simply put, with the ability to control the wind, he can completely blow through some accumulated clouds and send them where he wants to make them move from the great sea to Loguetown, thus causing a storm to help. Luffy escapes.

However, this is just my speculation, maybe Luffy was lucky enough to be hit by lightning to escape the decapitation phase. These blessings are not only enjoyed by Luffy but also in the war between Roger and Shiki, thanks to the fateful storm that contributed to the destruction of the golden lion force. Thanks to that, Roger was able to get out of the situation of hanging hair.

3. The ability of a mythical Zoan fruit

Possessing the power to manipulate the elements of nature exists not only in the Logia fruit but also in the mythical Zoan fruit. Based on Marco or Devon, they not only transform into legendary animals but also use the abilities of other Devil Fruits from Paramecia to Logia systems.

Marco With Zoan Devil Fruit
Marco With Zoan Devil Fruit

Therefore, it is not excluded that Dragon also possesses a mythical Zoan fruit in the shape of a certain god, such as Zeus – a god with the ability to manipulate the weather. Based on Japanese folklore, this Zoan fruit can also be Fujin – the god of the wind. In the legend, the deity Fujin and the thunder god Raijin also have a strong association with dragons that create storms, thunder, and even whirlwinds. But whoever it is, the possibility of Dragon owning the mythical Zoan fruit is also very high.

Besides, there is also a theory that Dragon possesses the dragon-type mythical Zoan fruit. There will be people who think that the dragon-type Devil Fruit has been possessed by Kaido, so there is no longer a dragon-type fruit. But Kaido’s Devil Fruit is an Eastern dragon so it’s also possible that Dragon’s dragon is a Western dragon. (LOL)

In addition, there is still another theory about Dragon having a connection with the ancient weapon Uranus. As for Pluton, who allowed the destruction of the land, Poseidon ruled the seas, and Uranus controlled the sky. And that power is nothing but creating winds powerful enough to blow away and destroy anything.

In summary, I don’t appreciate the theory that Dragon is the ancient weapon of Uranus, instead I favor the fact that he ate the mythical Zoan Devil Fruit and his power is also related to manipulating the weather by means of the weather. wind. But anyway, we still need Oda to reveal more in the future.

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