There are many famous fashion brands in the world that cannot be ignored. One of them is the brand from France – Chanel. It’s luxurious and expensive, but the Owner Of Chanel is a little girl living in an orphanage

Gabriel "Coco" Chanel - Owner Of Chanel
Gabriel “Coco” Chanel

This girl has a natural talent for sewing, plus a business ability, that woman has built a fashion empire on her own, and most importantly, she is the one who has reshaped the fashion style for women around the world. No one else, she is Coco Chanel.


1. The Orphan Girl And The One Who Reshaped Fashion

Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel was born on August 19, 1883, in Saumur, Maine-et-Loire (in Angers, Pays de la Loire). The daughter of Albert Chanel – a street vendor – and his wife Jeanne Devolle, she is also the eldest of five children: Julie and Antoinette, Alphonse, Lucien and Augustin.

"Coco" Chanel's Childhood - The Beginning Of Owner Of Chanel
“Coco” Chanel’s Childhood

After the death of her mother at the age of 12, her father abandoned three sons on the farm and three daughters at the Aubazine orphanage, in Corrèze. Gabrielle Chanel stayed at the institute until the age of 18, it was here that she learned the craft of needlework.

After leaving the orphanage, Gabrielle tried her luck as a seamstress, making friends daily with the needle. In her free time, she also participates in plays and sings in tea rooms and cafes. Only a short time later, the singer started calling her by the stage name “Coco”, after attracting attention with one of her favorite songs: “Qui qu’a vu Coco?

This girl who has never been called “lady” has fallen in love with Etienne Balsan, a millionaire gentleman and a “playboy” who has just left his position as an officer to live his passion. is a horse breeder.

Besides him, she discovers the luxury of the upper class and meets many of her future clients. Gabrielle has attracted many wealthy clients because of her simplicity and simplicity. Later, she shared that she had learned one thing “Luxury is not the opposite of poverty, but the opposite of mediocrity”.

In 1909, Gabrielle Chanel opened her first hat design studio in a small room on Avenue Malesherbes, with her aunt of the same age, Adrienne. Her simple elegant style quickly spread throughout Paris. Nearly a year later, she continued to open her first store at 21 Cambon Street, District 1 of Paris, under the name “Chanel Modes”. And then continued to open more stores in Deauville in 1913 and Biarritz in 1915.

Chanel followed her own inspiration, not caught up with the trend of the time. She gradually discovered the charm and charm of the female body, cutting her skirts short (but never higher than her knees because she thought it was terrible) and making her pants inherently long. constriction becomes a kind of clothing that is quite comfortable and easy to move. Modern look, short hair, and a new style of a woman were born!

2. No.5: Gabrielle Picked The Right Number

“A Woman Who Doesn’t Wear Perfume Has No Future”. In 1921, when Coco moved to 31 Cambon Street, she decided to produce a perfume that would conjure up her own image, then shared the idea with Ernest Beaux. He suggested 5 scents to her and she chose the 5th.

At that time, she did not expect that from here, the perfume of the 20th century was born, and was the best-selling perfume in the world until 100 years later. Then, when releasing a fashion collection on May 5 (the fifth month of the year), she revealed that she wanted to simply name the collection with this happy number.

Marilyn Monroe almost became the face of perfume number 5 one day in 1954. A journalist curious about what this soft-haired girl wore to sleep, she replied, "Just a few drops of Chanel N°5"
Chanel No.5 – Favorite Parfum Of Marilyn Monroe

Three years later, Lady Chanel teamed up with Pierre Werttheimer to found the Chanel Perfume Company (la Société des Parfums Chanel) which sells fragrance oils and cosmetics, which of course will be a very special product line. Her second perfume was born after the war, bearing the number 19 – her date of birth.

Marilyn Monroe almost became the face of perfume number 5 one day in 1954. A journalist curious about what this soft-haired girl wore to sleep, she replied, “Just a few drops of Chanel N°5”. This famous quote became the best advertising slogan of the time in advertising.

3. Little Black Dress From Owner Of Chanel

In 1926, Coco – Owner Of Chanel released a black dress that Vogue considered “a modern woman’s uniform”. Gabrielle Chanel explained: “At a reception, if people say: Oh this dress is beautiful! It means it failed. But if they say: Oh this woman is beautiful! Now the dress of the girl succeeded.”

"Coco" Chanel's Little Black Dress, the legacy of Owner Of Chanel
“Coco” Chanel’s Little Black Dress

In addition, among the never-out-of-date products launched by designer Coco –Owner Of Chanel, there are also clothes made by her with jersey fabric (the fabric is made of wool, cotton, and synthetic fibers). since 1919, and in tweed (woven with colorful and slightly grained woolen threads) since 1924, then the jeweled sets she sketched in the late 30s and revised after 1954.

Coco is also very focused on buttons. They are usually made of golden metal because she takes inspiration from the buttons in the officer uniforms she saw as a child or the sailor uniforms on yachts. In the September 1932 issue of Lyon’s Silk magazine, readers can read these lines: “The decoration with buttons is a special feature of this designer.”

1957 is considered the year that her work was fully recognized with the Oscars of fashion in Dallas, Coco – Owner Of Chanel earned the title of Most Influential Stylist of the 20th Century. This was also the year that she was born. released the famous sandals in 2 colors beige and black.

4. Love Story Of Coco – Owner Of Chanel

Unlike her career path, Chanel is not happy in love…Arthur Capel (British), aka “Boy”, is a friend of Balsan, steals her heart, inspired and encouraged her support, but ended up marrying someone else, Lady Diane Wyndham (the widow of a bounty boat). After his death in 1919, she was again attracted to the Grand Duc Dimitri Pavlovitch, whom she had met in Biarritz. Their relationship lasted only 2 years.

Gabriel Chanel And Her Love Story
Gabriel Chanel And Her Love Story

It was the heyday of “Bel Respiro”, she let Dimitri stay at the Garches mansion, her whole family, and the talented composer Igor Stravinsky – who had a crush on her.

It was this meeting that made her strongly influenced by the Russian style in her designs, and a few years later her frequent holidays in Scotland with Duc Westminster inspired Chanel as well.

There, she imagined the first clothes of tweed, while the French tailors at the time considered the fabric to be of poor quality. The interesting thing is that our designer was attracted by the roughness and flaws of the fabric.

The war brought Coco’s activities to a halt. Chanel closed the shop in 1939 and devoted all her time to the production of perfumes. In (now occupied) Paris, she was put in contact with a Nazi officer in charge of the intelligence services Hans Gunther von Dincklage.

History records that she was tasked with persuading peace between England and Germany. Unfortunately, the Chapeau de couture negotiations failed. Also, thanks to her friendship with Winston Churchill, whom she met as Duc de Wesminster’s mistress, helped her avoid undue sorrows after Liberation. After that, Coco decided to move to Switzerland, near Lausanne for 10 years.

Saumur’s stylist “wake up” in 1954. Christian Dior’s rivalry prompted Coco to return. At the age of 71, she reopened the shop at the urging of the Wertheimer brothers, who had just returned from America. Although the first collection was not very well received and received a lot of criticism, intended to overshadow her popularity and influence, Coco did not react, she said: “Fashion It goes out of fashion, but style lasts forever.”

She no longer sewed tweed clothes and became one of the creators of the image of women after the war. Romy Schneider, Jackie Kennedy, and Jeanne Moreau wore clothes designed by Coco – Owner Of Chanel.

Since 1983, Karl Lagerfeld (witch of design) has firmly pledged to continue and develop the style of Gabrielle Chanel (she died in 1971) and continue to wear those clothes on women. comedians from Paris to Hollywood. Coincidentally that same year, three films about the genius designer were released in theaters and on television. In the first film Coco Avant Chanel produced by female director Anne Fontaine: Audrey Tautou played a designer at the beginning of the profession.

5. Conclusion

It can be said that during his lifetime, the Owner Of Chanel – “Coco” Gabrielle Chanel has left France in general and the world fashion industry in general with a legacy that is hard to find for anyone or even a single brand. can match.

Karl Lagefeld has done a great job of carrying on her legacy and now Virginie Viard. The appointment of Virginie Viard to the position of Creative Director is believed by the Chanel family that under her creativity and leadership, the heritage of the brand inherited from two predecessors – Gabrielle Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld can continue to long life and thrive.

Gabriel "Coco" Chanel Has A Fantastic Carrier
Gabriel “Coco” Chanel Has A Fantastic Carrier

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