Star Wars – is one of the most famous names in American culture, to the point where it has almost become a religion. It has been around for quite some time (the first movie came out in 1977, 45 years ago). In Star Wars, there is a phrase throughout the film, novels, and comics – Lightsaber. Let’s learn about Lightsaber and the Lightsaber Forms.

Lightsaber Form


1. Overview About Lightsaber

Lightsaber first appeared in A New Hope (1977) when Obi-Wan Kenobi gave Luke Skywalker a lightsaber, which belonged to Luke’s father Anakin Skywalker. Obi-Wan then said about the lightsaber as follows:

“This is the weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as clumsy or random as a blaster; an elegant weapon for a more civilized age.”


The lightsaber, a special weapon, is elegant (because it is not only used for combat but also used in rituals). Those unfamiliar with this weapon, often refer to it as the “Laser Sword” because of the shape of its blade – like a laser.

Obi-Wan Show Lightsaber For Luke Skywalker

But in fact, saying that the lightsaber’s blade is a laser is completely incorrect about the nature of this weapon. The blade of a lightsaber is a stream of pure plasma emitted from the hilt and covered by an energy field that helps to block the extremely large heat source of the blade, protecting the user and also helping the blade. stable search.

About the handle of the lightsaber, it can be said that no two are the same because it is often handcrafted by the user to suit their needs and preferences. The hilt of a lightsaber can also be modeled after an earlier lightsaber (usually based on each Master’s lightsaber) to pay homage.

Lightsaber Form In Purple
A Purple Lightsaber

For example, Luke Skywalker’s second homemade lightsaber is based on Obi-Wan Kenobi’s lightsaber. But in general, the hilt of the lightsaber is extremely diverse and it can be said that each lightsaber is a separate bar that does not mix.

With that said, the blade of a lightsaber is a stream of plasma, so it is completely weightless. Because of that, its inertia when swinging is quite unpredictable, and actually using a lightsaber is quite dangerous.

Several Lightsabers Form Appeared In The Movie
Several Lightsabers Appeared In The Movie

It takes a certain amount of strength and dexterity to master a lightsaber, and for the untrained, it is extremely difficult and dangerous. However, if a lightsaber is used by a trained Force-user, it becomes an extremely formidable weapon in battle.

2. Origin Of Lightsaber

According to what is recorded, the predecessor of the lightsaber was a weapon of the Rakata people called the Forcesaber. A weapon made with the technology of “freezing Blaster bullets” to form a blade. However, this weapon is unstable and the risk of using it is very high.

However, the predecessor of the Jedi Order, the Je’daii Order, also used the Forcesaber for a long time before the first lightsabers were made, which of course was very primitive.

Using the same principle of “freezing” as the Forcesaber, but Je’daii Order “freezes” the laser beam, not the blaster bullet (so calling the lightsaber a laser sword… is partly correct). Such primitive lightsabers were created in Tython – the planet where the Je’daii Order was founded – before Force Wars by an unknown Je’daii Master.
After the Force Wars, the Je’daii Order changed its name to the Jedi Order and served the Republic, so they needed a special weapon.

Although the original lightsabers have proven their ability, the truth is that most Jedi continue to use other weapons such as swords or sticks rather than lightsaber for the reason that it is not really perfect. there are many defects.

Around 15500 BBY, during the Duinuogwuin Dispute between the Republic and the Duinuogwuin, the Jedi’s research and development on blaster bullet “freezing” technology achieved new strides. They succeeded in developing a blade made up of an arc-cycled energy flow (i.e. energy from the power supply forms the blade, and some of the blade’s energy returns to the source to somewhat stability).

This success has spawned lightsabers with high energy and adjustable power. However, although somewhat more stable than the Forcesaber, they are still too unstable compared to today’s lightsabers, another inconvenience is that such a large source of energy must be supplied from a The device is worn on the waist so it is very inconvenient when fighting.

In addition, they cannot operate for too long because the hilt will be overheated and may explode. As such, these lightsabers are more commonly used in rituals than in combat and are also available in very small numbers.

However, the Jedi continued to improve and find a way to stabilize the original lightsaber – called protosaber. And although it’s bulky (the user must wear an additional power supply at the waist) and limits the ability to fight and move, the power of these protosabers cannot be denied.

In a duel, the protosabers proved to be dangerous weapons. Therefore, they gradually became more used, especially during the Dark Hundred Years – when a part of the Jedi fell on the dark side separated from the Jedi Order, became the Dark Jedi, and then created so the Sith Order (from 7000 BBY to 6900 BBY).

Lightsaber Form - Jedi And Dark Jedi Fight With Protosaber
Jedi And Dark Jedi Fight With Protosaber

Although the Dark One Hundred Years has brought many consequences for the Galaxy – especially the birth of the Sith Order, the deadly enemy of the Jedi Order, for the Lightsaber itself, this period marked a development beyond its level.

It was not the Jedi but the Sith Lords who improved the protosaber to a close resemblance to the modern lightsaber when they replaced the bulky power supply at the waist with a more compact one and fitted it right in. sword hilt.

They used a superconductor to improve the transfer of energy from the blade to the source and immobilize it. With this improvement, normally the energy emitted is just enough to shape the blade, only when the blade collides will the energy be released to create damage to the blade (for example, when cutting something. then the energy will be released strongly during the time of blade contact, when not in contact, the source returns to normal).

According to the records of the Sith Order, it was probably the Sith Lords who were the first to create a primitive two-headed lightsaber. In addition, Karness Muur, a Dark Jedi and later a Sith, is also said to be one of the first Siths to wield a lightsaber with the power of Synth-crystal, a red crystal that gives the lightsaber’s blade its power. red.

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This tradition lasted until the time of Exar Kun when he refused to use Synth-crystal lightsaber and continued using his Jedi lightsaber. This tradition was continued by a Sith Haazen and then Darth Revan and Malak, after the time of Revan and Malak, the Sith almost ignored this tradition that they turned the lightsaber themselves red in a way that “Makes the lightsaber flow” blood”, which helps the Sith demonstrate strength and will rather than using a red lightsaber.

As such, the lightsaber has had major developments in the Dark Hundred Years, but most Siths continue to use the traditional weapon of the Sith Sword instead of the lightsaber.

Sword Sith
Sword Sith

“The Lightsaber is a transcendent weapon, yes. But there’s nothing more satisfying than feeling your enemy’s warm blood run down your hand as you slash him with a real sword!”


Then, with Naga Sadow’s invasion of the Republic, followed by the Great Hyperspace War in 5000 BBY, the Sith Order’s lightsaber technology became known to the Jedi. However, the Sith Lords mostly still use Sith Swords while the Jedi use protosabers so they don’t have time to get used to or use this new lightsaber.

It wasn’t until the Sith were defeated at the end of the war that the Jedi really got their hands on this new lightsaber design, and by around 4800 BBY it had become common throughout the Galaxy.

“The Lightsaber is an interesting weapon. A special weapon unique in the history of war. It is a paradox in itself, as are the Jedi: warriors who keep the peace but are allowed to kill for their own sake. The blade is round, and it has no sharp edges, but it is the Lightsaber, meaning every edge is sharp. Any edge of the blade can be cut. strange, right? I would say it’s some kind of symbol”


During the Great Sith War (4000 BBY – 3996 BBY), Exar Kun, a fallen Jedi turned Sith Lord continued to use Jedi lightsaber instead of Sith lightsaber (which has a Synth-crystal core, as noted above). Exar Kun is also said to have used the first double-headed lightsaber, and this design was later known to the Jedi as well. The use of double-headed lightsabers later also became more common during the Jedi Civil War (3958 BBY – 3956 BBY). The Jedi Civil War broke out by two fallen Jedi Revan and Malak – the aftermath of the Mandalorians War (3976 BBY – 3960 BBY).

In the Mandalorians War, Revan and Malak fell to the Dark side and then returned to attack and invade the Republic as the leaders of the Sith Empire. Revan then became Darth Revan, waging war on the Republic for many years and raiding many of the Dark Jedi to his side. And when Revan made real contact with the Sith, he witnessed red lightsabers and so Revan continued the tradition of using Synth-crystal lightsabers. Since then, a red lightsaber is seen as a symbol of Dark side followers.

Double-headed lightsabers were also used by the Sith Lords and Dark Jedi in battle. Even after the fall of Darth Revan and his Empire, followers of the Dark side continued to use the red lightsaber, though gradually they gradually stopped using the Synth-crystal as their core.

Darth Revan (right) and Malak (left)
Darth Revan (right) and Malak (left)

Several hundred years later, during the Great Galactic War (3681 BBY – 3653 BBY), the Sith Empire once again rose and attacked the Republic. The climax was the attack of Coruscant which led to the Treaty of Coruscant and then to the period of the Cold War.

During this period, nearly all Siths used lightsabers instead of Sith Swords, as in the days of Darth Revan, red lightsabers were the symbol of the Sith and for followers of the Dark side. Double-headed lightsabers also became more common, and some Jedi also switched to using it.

After that, gradually the Republic also regained the lost territories, during this period, the use of lightsabers and manufacturing techniques did not change much. Only one notable fact is that the Jedi have switched to using crystals from planets, typically Ilum to make cores for lightsaber (this crystal is most abundant in Ilum and some planets located in Ilum). scattered throughout the Galaxy – then known as the Kyber Crystal).

This results in a variety of blade colors, but mostly blue and green. This is also the beginning of the Jedi Order tradition: during training, a youngling will have to go to a crystal cave on Ilum, dig for a Kyber Crystal and craft his first lightsaber.

A Crystal Cave On Ilum
A Crystal Cave On Ilum

As for the Sith, during the following years, they were often given a lightsaber rather than making their own. But after the Rule of Two was created, a Sith had to make his own lightsaber but was still given to the Synth-crystal.

One exception is Darth Maul when he does it all by himself: crafting 4 Syth-crystals for his double-headed lightsaber. Maul considers the creation of the Synth-crystal to prove the superiority of the Sith over the Jedi.

Then came the Clone Wars era (22 BBY – 19 BBY), the Jedi used lightsaber in combat more than ever. This period also marks the return of a special lightsaber – the Darksaber, which was taken from the Jedi Temple thousands of years ago during the Mandalorians War, passed on and eventually to Pre Viszla, who had a duel with Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Darksaber is a special lightsaber, not only because it is black, but also because it is shaped like a real blade, not circular like other lightsabers.

Lightsaber Form - Darksaber

Ending the Clone Wars with the Republic wiped out, the Empire was born and the Jedi Order was almost annihilated, the lightsaber was almost no longer seen. In part, because most lightsabers were destroyed by the Empire, and secondly because the surviving Jedi also did not use lightsabers to avoid attention, the only person seen to use lightsabers extensively was Darth Vader, the son of Emperor Darth Sidious.

Darth Vader
Darth Vader

The Lightsaber reappears when Obi-Wan Kenobi confronts Darth Vader and then the appearance of Luke Skywalker. It wasn’t until year 4 ABY when the Empire fell and the new Republic was established and the New Jedi Order was re-established that lightsaber was really popular again.

3. Structure And Operating principle

“The construction of a lightsaber is quite simple. Each lightsaber has a steady supply of energy, similar to the type in a blaster. They have a very long lifespan, as Jedi rarely use lightsabers. Partly. more important is the core of the Lightsaber – a crystal. The most powerful crystal is Kyber. The lightsaber is a powerful weapon but its design is very flexible so any type of crystal can be used. “

Luke Skywalker

The handle of a lightsaber is usually made of solid metal, a cylindrical tube about 25-30 cm long, and the size of the lightsaber handle is also very different, depending on each user. The end of each hilt contains a backup power supply, and the rest of the parts are spread throughout the hilt.

Basic Structure Of A Lightsaber
Basic Structure Of A Lightsaber

The principle of operation of the lightsaber is as follows: when activated, the energy source will be created in the Diatium feed, which is focused by a series of lenses to create a plasma stream. The plasma is ejected through the crystals to form a stable and variable length.

A lightsaber usually uses three crystals, although one is actually enough. An insulator is also attached to the handle to protect the user from energy leaks. It is often also possible to add a power amplifier to increase the power of the blade and increase the cutting ability.

The plasma stream, after passing through the crystals, will pass through an energy field created by the generator, here, the plasma stream will be concentrated and become a solid “mass” form and ejected through the crystal. the hilt, forming the blade.

The blade will be about 1m or more, depending on the user. The plasma stream when reaching a certain length will meet the end of the previously generated energy field and bounce back into the hilt.

To increase or decrease the blade length, just customize the length of that energy field. This energy field is the reason two lightsabers can collide like two solid objects and not through each other like when cutting other objects.

The Lightsaber is a dangerous weapon because it can cut through almost anything, from hard to soft, thick or thin. The heat source from the blade when it comes into contact with an object’s surface instantly ignites the surface and allows it to pass through the object, which is the “cutting” principle of lightsaber.

However, no lightsaber can cut through anything. The first is that two lightsabers cannot cut through each other, in addition, there are also some materials that can resist lightsabers, such as Cortosis metal, Phrik, Mandalorian steel, or weapons are also made from the same source. energy similar to a lightsaber.

However, materials resistant to lightsabers are very rare, moreover, the power of lightsabers also depends on the user, so it is almost an ultimate weapon, and of course, not everyone can use it proficiently.

4. Some Lightsaber Forms

As mentioned, the lightsaber has quite a variety of hilts, almost all of which are not the same. But usually, the lightsaber is similar in that: has a hilt and a blade, in addition, there are some special variations as follows:

  • Basic Lightsaber: as above, including a hilt and a blade.
Basic Lightsaber
  • Double-headed lightsaber: a long hilt and two blades, which can be turned on and off either blade.
Double-headed lightsaber
  • Protosaber (predecessor of a lightsaber): requires a power supply and a wire to the hilt.
  • Lightsaber Tonfa
Lightsaber Tonfa
  • Crossguard Lightsaber: made of “less stable” Kyber Crystals, creating a long blade and two small blades on either side.
Crossguard Lightsaber
  • Curved-hilt lightsaber: has an arc-shaped hilt
Curved-hilt lightsaber
  • Long-handle lightsaber: has double or triple the normal length
Long-handle lightsaber
  • Lightsaber Pike: a spear whose blade is a lightsaber
Lightsaber Pike
  • Lightsaber Shoto: a lightsaber that is about half shorter than normal
Lightsaber Shoto
  • Darksaber: unique lightsaber form, has a blade like a real sword.

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