The Fantastic Four defeat Rama Tut in Marvel comicsThe Fantastic Four defeat Rama Tut in Marvel comics

Nathaniel Richards was born in the 30th century in the Earth-6311 reality, where humanity never went through the Dark Ages. After decades of progress and warfare, Nathaniel Richards, a time traveler from Earth-616, brought peace to the area. Because he brought peace to this post-war society, Richards rose to prominence among philanthropists. Nathaniel Richards, who was born into this reality, is thought to be a descendant of the Benefactor, despite certain documents indicating that he might also be a descendant of the Latverian emperor known as Dr. Doom. As he grew older, Nathaniel grew weary of his lovely surroundings and eventually fell in love with the heroic era of Earth-616, with the Fantastic Four as his particular emphasis. In order to determine whether he had any biological characteristics with Dr. Doom and his namesake, Richards began digging into his background. During his inquiry, he came across the Benefactor’s abandoned fortress, complete with all of its numerous weaponry, equipment, and fully functional Time-Platform. Richards made several discoveries, but before Rama-Tut could apply them, the Fantastic Four of Earth-7712 assaulted him.

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The team was sent by the Time Variance Authority to implant a Saturnine, a device designed to prevent Nathaniel’s future self Immortus from absorbing temporal energies and transforming into a temporal quantum wave, a feat that Nathaniel’s future self was attempting many years from his own personal history. However, the Fantastic Four from another dimension seemed to be defeated by Nathaniel. The TVA then sent Earth-8212’s Reed Richards’ Rocket Group in its stead. In order to prevent the danger posed by his future self, Reed Richards from that reality persuaded Nathaniel of their shared lineage and convinced him to willingly implant himself with the Saturnyne Symbiont. The Rocket Gang returned to their own reality after finishing their assignment.

Nathaniel decided to travel to ancient Egypt and, when left to his own devices, built his own time machine, modeling it after a sphinx.

In the year 2960 BC, Nathaniel used the time machine to travel to Egypt on Earth-616. When his ship touched down in the desert, Baal and his tribe of Sandstormers found a blinded and injured Nathaniel. He was taken from the ship and given medical attention for his wounds. Despite being blinded in the accident, Nathaniel eventually fled into the desert, leaving behind devices that contained information on the upcoming birth of the world’s first mutant known as En Sabah Nur. With an army of robots and weapons from his time ship, Nathaniel Richards, who subsequently changed his name to Rama-Tut, quickly took over the Egyptian throne. Rama quickly used the radioactive herb he had found to recover his vision. Rama commanded the people of Egypt to leave the old gods and come to worship him, building great statues in his honor. Rama-Tut was not aware that this incensed Khonshu, the Egyptian god of vengeance, at the time. Rama marched an army to the Sandstormers’ camp a few weeks after conquering Egypt to retrieve his archive so that he might name En Sabah Nur — who would later grow up to become the formidable mutant known as Apocalypse — as his successor. When he arrived, he found that the Sandstormers had kept it secret and would not give it to him. Several of the Sandstormers were killed by Rama and his troops, while the remainder were made into slaves.

Ozymandias believed that Rama-Tut and Nephri’s coupling would one day allow him to control the country on his own. The fabled vampire Amenhotep was probably imprisoned at this time, and Rama-Tut buried him inside a pyramid that bears his name. A slave lady who Rama-Tut once impregnated gave birth to a son named Ramades, who Rama-Tut afterward abandoned.

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